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Thursday, July 16, 2015

50 (GB) Pounds of Spun Thread

As I’ve mentioned in one of my recent posts, I got the opportunity to be chosen as one of the runners-up for this year’s Deramores Craft Blog Competition!

Deramores is the UK’s number one online knitting & crochet retailer. I found out about them and the contest via Pinterest and got really interested.

After deliberating whether I’d join or not, I’ve finally whipped up a contest entry. I blogged about my new installation to my online shop – the Scalloped Halter Top.

I may have unravelled the project eleven times (it was a trial and error thing.) The process of unravelling is painful, to be honest. Since I wasn’t following any pattern, I had to write my own. When I thought I was done on the first try, I didn’t like it and I knew it wasn’t the one (so were the next ten). After the 11th try, I got it at last and days before the deadline, I had a shoot with my friend Keith, and I blogged about it.

A few weeks ago, a claim card was delivered to my house. I knew it was the prize since I thought, what else would go through Philippine Customs? Upon receiving, my father warned me that I might have to pay some fees when I claim it (yikes).

We got to our city’s post office and alas, I was greeted by handling fees (and possibly some flat-faced employees). What I thought would be a free prize, turned out to be just a discounted one (though a greatly discounted one, if I may add). I paid a total of Php 795 (Php 100 to the Postal Office and Php 695 to Customs). It wasn’t that bad.

£50 is more or less Php 3,500, so I was really expecting a big bag of precious, fluffy things – and I wasn’t disappointed. I got too excited that the bag was ripped open, the moment we got back to the car (I think I harassed some of them, haha kidding). And as soon as I got home, I started counting to a total of 20!

20. Colorful. Balls. Of. Yarn.

Breaking it down:

Vintage Chunky(ies) in Mulberry

Studio Chunky(ies) in MustardFuchsiaBlue Velvet, and two (!) in Taupe

Studio DKs in MalachiteRubyLapisLavenderCitrine, and Peony,

Baby DKs in Pebble Grey, two in Apple Green and two in Deramores Pink.

I’m in yarn heaven, considering the fact that they are REALLY soft and fluffy and niiiice. I could make lots of beautiful things with this much yarn!

I’d like to thank Deramores again for this! (I may have thanked them too many times already, haha!) For some reason, this opportunity changed how I look at some things. I guess one must really try and try (and try), until one reaches success.


PS: A lot of posts are to be up SOON. Stay tuned! I’m on a roll. (Haha…)

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