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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Five Reasons Why Crochet Is Not Uncool

A lot of my friends know that I somewhat live for threads, yarns and hooks. Though most people appreciate and understand the craft, I would still get strange reactions every so often. I’d also get a lot of questions and statements such as, “Isn’t that hobby for grannies?” “Crochet is for uncool people.” “Why crochet when you can do something else?”, among others.

Well, we all got our own business to attend to, why meddle with others’?

But kidding aside, I’d probably have to explain why I do such a thing – so here are five of the many reasons why crochet is (gradually) taking over my life and why you should give it a try:

  • If you like working on things, especially the intricate crafts, I suggest you could try getting a hook and a ball of yarn. Most of the time, I like working on things, especially when it involves handcrafts. I like working with my hands (maybe I could get them insured, lol) and making creative outputs inspired by what I see around. Whenever I get bored, I grab my crochet essentials and I’m good to go.
    • Everybody (if not, then mostly) appreciates handmade gifts. If you can’t choose between a gift card to a bookstore or a new pair of shoes, you can tinker on yarn and make a cute project.  Besides, there won’t be a need to go out and interact with real people (haha ha...) to get a gift for a friend. People cherish gifts from the heart, don’t they?

    • When you learn the craft of crocheting, (knitting, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc), you’ll eventually be more keen on details and design. Ever since I got hooked on crochet (old pun, I know), I’ve become more attentive to details than I was before. Since crochet requires accuracy, stitch-counting and pattern-memorizing have helped my observation skills in countless ways.

    • As the yarn loosens up, you will too. If stress is one of your main enemies, crochet is a great way to destress. It’s soothing and it helps you unwind. I’m a student and in the middle of a stressful semester, it has been making migraines disappear, so far. The repetitiveness of crochet is somewhat meditative and therapeutic. Although it hurts my wrists from too much crochet, too much of anything is bad anyway. You can always take a break.

    • Just like producing creative gifts for friends and family, you can crochet for yourself – or better yet, start a business out of it! I have never imagined running a business and selling the stuff I crochet. I only started crocheting for personal use, but after all the inquiries, the network grew and grew! Crochet serves as one of various outlets of my creativity and utilizing that skill to be of service to others is beyond overwhelming. Many appreciate what I do and tell me to continue, and I just love the fact that my creative outputs reach out to people who also scout ways to express themselves. My work doesn’t even seem like work and for me, that’s a big factor – having fun!

    Those are only a few reasons why I continue crafting, I hope I’ve answered some questions.

    If everyone bashes, I’d say don’t stop creating and know that it’s about what makes you happy and how you bring out the best in you. In due course, you’ll see that it’s not for nothing.

    Also, if you’re one of those who didn’t get to read my Facebook post last month, I’ll tell you a few things about it. I came across the Deramores craft blog competition and decided to give it a try. I usually join yarn giveaways for more supply, by the way; but this one has a different story.

    Photo from Deramores - Blog

    I was internally deliberating whether I’d join or not. I thought that my chances of winning were low, given that the contest was open internationally – but I entered anyway. To my surprise, I was one of six winners! Out of at least 55 entries around the world, mine got chosen.

    Who would’ve thought, right? That overwhelming acknowledgement made me realize that what I create isn’t a waste of time and I believe that makes it cool. You can read more about the winners (and my little blog write-up) here.

    I always suggest for people to find ways to express themselves. It may not even be specifically crochet or any other handicrafts. Whatever floats your boat – may it be crafts, other forms of visual arts, even forms of performing arts – an outlet is an outlet.

    And like what everyone says, “You do you.”

    What do you do to express yourself? Comment below!

    PS: I just got home from the post office and I claimed a big bag of yarn. I’ll be blogging about the prizes soon!

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