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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thrift Haul: Summer 2015

I’m a shopaholic. And I think it’s not healthy anymore, though it seems like my inclination towards window shopping (both IRL and online) is worse. But whenever my self decides to splurge on things, I make it a point to be at least thrifty.

I’m a shopaholic, but the penny-pinching kind.

When I’m not working on my online shop, I tend to feed my excessive hunger for new closet pieces. (… Am I really exaggerating my shopping addiction?) Just recently, I’ve added new stuff to the hallowed wardrobe but didn’t spend that much (IMO).

Some friends came over during the summer and we went to one of my favorite thrift shops. It was a great retail therapy session and everything was on sale so it’s definitely a steal!

Note: Most of these are in black so I hope you don’t expect bursting colors.


Black, pirate, skull, tassels, and poncho are five of my favorite words.


My friends, Ianna and Fern, saw this top first and told me that it’s perfect for me though I hesitated at first. I tried it on and fell in love.

I’ve sported this piece with denim shorts and blogged about it here.


I have been looking for a cape – specifically, an armhole one – for ages and when I spotted this one hanging on the rack, I saw a bright glow behind it. I think I might have heard angels singing too, actually.


Entering the thrift shop that day, my main goal was to get a black bag, a jacket/coat and a pair of lace-up boots. There was a decent pair of Chelsea boots but it wasn’t the pair I’d die for. I saw this alongside the men’s shoes and I knew I had to get it.


I was only eyeing for the bucket-like bag originally. The straps were too short for it to become a sling but I wanted to add this precious thing to my collection. I guess I’d have to bring it to a repair shop and have the straps longer (or I could DIY my own, who knows). 

But when I looked up the bag shelf, there hung this quilted-looking backpack.

I tried haggling with my self on which bag I’d get, but I ended up getting both – I realized they’re both useful.

Would you believe me if I told you that all of these only cost a total of Php 800.00? I know, it was more than usual. For six ~cool~ items, I still think that it’s a great steal. Imagine if I’ve gone to a mall…

I pledged that I’m not shopping for a few months, haha. (But hit me up on great thrift shops around the Metro, I list them down.)

What’s you thrift story?

PS: School officially starts tomorrow and I don’t know how to feel and what to expect… Hello Sophomore year!


  1. Where do you do your thrift shopping? :( I'm near the Maginhawa-Matalino-Sikatuna area if that helps :(:

  2. I usually go to Kamuning ukay-ukays :-) I think meron naman in Teacher's Village? I know there's a thrift shop along Katipunan too!


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