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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Afternoon Daze

It was kind of a lazy day and I decided to just wear a shirt and my father's old jeans. Little did I know that by midday, I'd be sort of trekking by the rocky field near our college building, and having this photoshoot.

We had to battle with the sun beaming directly at our faces, but seeing the results kind of makes the trekking and the heat worth it.

It doesn't seem like it but I had to use my hands as a fan in between shots to "freshen up". It wasn't that helpful, to be honest.


This quartz necklace has been my favorite one so far! I got it from Musst Haves' booth at the latest Gathergram event last July. They have a lot of cute, dainty and even gothic accessories! You can check their Instagram page for more details and products.

My so-far unfailing, and ever-reliable pair of creepers helped me with the trekking part of the shoot! I've had this pair since March, this year. And up to today, my feet still stays comfortable until the end of the day even after hours of long walks.

SHOES Damitan

TOP thrifted, BELT H&M, JEANS DKNY, EARRING & RINGS The Hub, The Bead Shop

Photos by Josh Tolentino

I honestly was just laughing at myself every after a shot; I thought I looked funny. But eventually, I thought... MEH it didn't matter anymore. I had fun and I guess that's what's important.

October has been a rollercoaster-- I mean, all the other months have been one, too. I'm just looking forward to the colder side of the ber months! It's still humid, but somehow slightly cooler at night. I really can't wait to wear cardigans and sweaters without getting too heated up.

How's the latter part of the year so far?



  1. "How's the latter part of the year so far?" k lang beh namamatay ako pero keri lang, ty for asking, ida's blog (you look so gorgeous in this photoshoot i lov u) (saakin yung sapatos mo when u die)

    1. You really commented :-(((((( love you po hehehe you can do it!! pusheen pusheen~

      Thank you ehe ehe, will add you to the long list of dibs (y)

  2. Hi, Ida! I just want to say that I love your style. It's also my first time here in your blog, too! :-) YAY HI

    Salvé at Indie Kitty

    1. Hi hi! Thank you so much!! Means a lot ^-^ Welcome~

      Checking yours out hihihihihi <3


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