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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Salutations & Warm Greetings

Good day, wonderful readers of my humble blog! If you have come here from Tumblr, hello again. And if not, welcome!

I've gone to this path, yes. As I've mentioned in my last Tumblr post, going on Blogger has been in my head for a long while but due to certain turn of events, I hadn't had the chance to do it sooner. It's finally here, though!

The blog's layout has been fully refurbished but I'm sure the content will be the same – DIYs, outfit posts, random updates and a lot more.

It's been a rough ride for the first half of this year's first semester, though I know things are eventually going to be smoother in the end. I'm not completely sure I'll be able to update my blog weekly, but I sure will try! I mean juggling everything with my indolent self and slightly weak immune system, it would be a challenge, but nothing I'm not willing to accept. Blogging is one thing I like doing and apparently, some people find my content interesting. I guess that is quite enough motivation. Maybe I just have to manage everything in a very, very, very organized manner... oops.

The next few posts might mainly be outfit ones. Hope I get to execute and post my DIYs soon though. (I've recently broken a nail while opening our front gate. I'll probably resume DIYs when it rises back to life.) Nonetheless, here's to trying new things!

What are you trying/doing something new before this year ends? 

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