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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Split Streaks

Here's a throwback photoshoot that happened before I got to (finally) accept the natural state of my hair.

I really like how this shoot turned out. Sometimes, being a "grunge princess" is cool haha. I guess the denim jacket and the parking lot setting did the trick.



I see a lot of hand chains on Instagram and in bazaars but being the craft-freak that I am, I sort of knew that I could make my own (besides, the motto "Why buy it when you can DIY it?" still sticks). I ended up compiling old necklace chains and connector rings, and tweaking them with my handy dandy long-nose and needle-nose pliers.

If you want me to post a DIY tutorial for this one, comment below yay!


Photos by Keith Rodriguez

I somewhat jinxed my next DIY post, by the way. I got too excited without making sure to get the right materials on time. I'm still scouting for fabric paint that I can actually use and not regret buying... haha I haven't found the perfect brand, unfortunately. Do you know where I could get quality fabric paint? :-(

Also, I'm really expecting another hell week ahead (not even surprising in any way). I've been looking for ways on how to survive one. Tips? (Pls? *cries 3 buckets of tears* Thanks.)


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