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Monday, December 7, 2015

DIY: Daisy-Printed Shorts

Let's just say I randomly had the impulse to doodle on my denim shorts. As I was lurking on Pinterest, I noticed that almost all DIY printed shorts were in aztec prints. Aztec prints are too much of a hassle, IMO. Most designs are too detailed and I wasn't feeling aztec-y so I opted for something simpler.

For this project,  I posted a PSA that a number of shorts were wanted for wrecking... kidding. A friend sent me hers and I'm using it to shoot this tutorial. I might end up buying new pairs of my own and paint over all of them soon (or not. I'm not sure. Who knows?)

Read on to know how I gave life to plain denim shorts!

Don't forget to read THE VERDICT at the end of the post.


Shorts (old or new)
Fabric marker
Fabric paint
Paintbrushes / sponge brushes / sponge
Plastic sheet / old newspaper
Design stencil (Optional)



Conceptualize on your design.
You can paint on both sides, half of the front, or even at the back pocket. If you need to print a design for a stencil, you may do so.

I decided I'd go for the daisy print but with my personal twist. I based my design off of a photo I found on Pinterest.


Lay your shorts flat on a surface and insert a sheet of plastic bag/old newspaper in between to avoid painting the other side.


Draw, paint, be free!

My daisies are basically white asterisks with rounded edges and a detailed center.

I’ve tried doodling with fabric marker on my first pair and I can say that both techniques work! I could probably give you tips if you’re planning on trying this yourself.

The Verdict:

Like in all DIY projects, patience is a staple material. Painting takes a longer time compared to doodling with fabric marker but both are advisable and equally fun.
Fabric Paint vs. Fabric Marker:
Fabric paint will probably last longer but it slightly makes the fabric stiffer that it already is at first. I guess washing the garment a couple of times would soften the paint layer. Fabric marker ink fades after a number of washes but some touching up could be done. You could get more intricate designs, though. I don't really prefer one over the other since both methods can be used!
Will I do this again?
For sure (if I have enough bottoms to design)!

DIY Tea Points:

Do it yourself! Post a photo and tag:
@idasiasoco on Twitter
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with the hashtag #gteDIY

Good luck and keep creating! WEE
For questions, suggestions or DIY requests, you may comment below!

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