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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Just Breezing Through

The colder months of the year have finally come! We can now layer clothes without being questioned why we're wearing them. (Well, not that we can't layer during the warmer days because we totally can... but it just might be more reasonable, haha.)

Here's to hoping your stocked-up pile of sweaters, coats, and cozy jackets get used this season. I've gathered all them colder season clothes and maybe I could finally get to wear them. It's definitely their time to shine.

Although, given the general indefinite weather in Manila, you will always need a back-up plan. I suggest still having a decent shirt as an undershirt, or carrying a fan and a handkerchief in your purse.

CHOKER SG, Musst Haves

You could also go with wearing a light cardigan, sweater, jacket (and the like), just to protect you from the (sometimes slightly) cool breeze.

BAG & SHOES thrifted

TANK Nine West, CARDIGAN thrifted, JEANS Zara

(*inserts a "how my face normally looks during shoots" photo*)

Thick or thin, either way, warmers are warmers. Wear what you want and what would make you feel great. At the end of the day, it will still be your call.

Merry Christmas, everyone! How are Christmas preparations so far? Did you go anywhere cool during the break? Let me know in the comments below! ;-)


PS: If you are my friend on Facebook and have read the first episode of Thrift and Make, I'm transferring the series here! If not, I just want to share that I'm starting a new series called Thrift and Make. It's another DIY bit of the blog, but more of a brand hacks kind of thing. I'll be posting it on the weekend after Christmas~ I hope you watch out for that! (EDIT: Didn't post the weekend after Christmas but it'll be posted on the week after Christmas :-( *sighs at self*) ((EDIT pt. 2: Haven't had a proper shoot for the next post........ it'll be posted, don't worry))

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