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Thursday, March 24, 2016

GTE Basic Crochet Workshop @ Antiteasis

If you have been sticking around my social media accounts, you might have heard that I've hosted my first ever crochet workshop. Let me tell you all about it, in a more detailed and organized(?) way.

I've first learned crochet back in my grade school days. If I'm not mistaken, it was in 2006... and I remember that I hated it. I seriously have no idea how I've grown to love (and breathe) it now. Maybe because Pinterest took over my life and gave me the idea of starting a crochet revolution.

Ever since the shop started growing and getting more recognition, more people told me they wanted to learn how to crochet. It was early this year that I knew I wanted to host workshops. I researched for weeks on where I could get materials, lessons, tips, etc. I also had to scout for venues around Quezon City. My university's located near Katipunan and Maginhawa area so I thought of having the workshops there. Since the blog and the shop is named after how I am enthusiastic about tea, it was a must to have the event in a tea place.

I came across a few blog reviews about Antiteasis, in Maginhawa. After researching and weighing my options, I visited the place and immediately fell in love. I knew I had to hold the event there.

It was the day of the poster release. Everything happened so fast, the whole process seemed so surreal. I panicked for a few days, asking people to share and invite their friends. (If you were one of the many people I nudged, I'm sorry and thank you so much! You helped me in so many ways!) I knew I really had to step forward and ask everyone. I realized the nudging was worth it.

Another poster was released saying I was still accepting last minute sign-ups. Only six people signed up, and the other one cancelled. I was left with five participants, and the event was in two days. Maybe a few buckets of tears were filled to the brim. Okay, maybe a lot of buckets were filled.

I was about to go home from my last class when four people texted me that they were interested to join the workshop. Could you imagine how hard it was to not tear up in the jeepney? Haha!

I also had the kits prepared, double checking everything I needed for the next day. I didn't get to sleep well due to much excitement and nervousness. I was teaching 9 participants...

I arrived at the venue, feeling panicky and shaky, as I would at every event or talk I'd attend. I had to think that I was just hanging out with friends to keep my cool.

Waiting for the others. (From R-L: Diane, Robin, Angela, Ia, Jonathan)

I honestly had a hard time teaching the basics of crochet. Having known something for so long, you'll end up creating your own code words that only you would understand. I had to go back to what a chain looks like, how to properly hold the yarn, etc.

Here are some photos from the event that I will try to caption properly (emphasis on try).

Me trying to illustrate what chains and the stitches look like (and probably having a hard time).

 My friend Aby seems like she was having fun... because crochet is really fun...

... isn't it?

Friends Ianna (not in photo), Howard, Yves (both on my left), and Issa (farther right) were there too~

I had the workshop targeted to high school and college students since my main goal was to make the craft of crochet known to the youth. It has been a perception that crochet is a hobby for titas (aunts) and grannies, and I really wanted to change that. Also, I thought that I usually speak better with people my age?

Though things turned around a bit when Tita Maricar contacted me and told me she really wanted to learn crochet. I got to interview her for a short while before the event and it was so interesting that she and her daughter wanted to learn together. I guess crochet really makes people happy.

The "class", or shall I say... new friends!

Best friends Diane and Robin went to the workshop together! Too cute!

Ia and Jonathan went together too!

My good friend Angela went and helped me assist the other participants. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I don't speak well in front of a lot of people – and 9 is a big group already. I guess I find it easier to work 1-on-1 since it feels like talking to a friend instead of a class.

The session got extended for another hour, since learning crochet is something not everyone gets to pick up in one sitting. I think I had to repeat that in the workshop that it takes practice. I mean, I only got to make a decent beanie after two years of continuous crochet.

The participants got to learn the starting point and hopefully, will get the hang of the craft.

(First row, R-L: Yves, me, Aby; Second row: R-L: Aly, Diane, Robin, Angela, Ia, and Jonathan)

Ended the event with a group photo~

"Happy crocheting" photo featuring Ianna and Howard in the background

But the participants weren't the only ones who learned something. The workshop taught me some things too. Handcrafts are never easy at first, and teaching is as challenging. I got to meet new faces, new people with different practices but walls aren't supposed to be built between us. With crochet, I got to reach out to a new community (definitely new recruits for the revolution *laughs evilly*).

But seriously, days of panicking and fidgeting, hours of preparation, buckets of tears, and four straight hours of teaching drained all the energy in me – but it was worth it. I got to share a big part of my life with people who are eager to learn and it was worth everything. Seeing people's faces after the event marked this to-do workshop a big ass check.

Some still contacted me after the event, asking if I have more sessions soon. And... I'm planning something this April! Hopefully, I get to check this one off the list too.

Until the next workshop! Enjoy and keep creating!

More photos here. You can also watch the recap video here.
Photos by Issa Encarnacion and Anton Ayson


  1. Congratulations on such a successful Ida! Proud of you! <3

    1. Thank you so much Chels!!! :-) *hugs u*

  2. I've said this many times na (AND I FREAKIN' LOST COUNT) but I'm sooooo proud of youuuuu! <3

    Salvé | Indie Kitty

  3. I used to do this when I was in my grade school and I got high grades when it comes to things like this — handicrafts. I also used to do pagbuburda and cross stitch. Ahhh, just seeing this post relive the nostalgic feeling of being a grade school pupil and wanting to do art. I was so happy when I get to try a lot of those materials. I had those crochet hook of various numbers. Yarn of different colors. I even had my personal scissor for it. Now, just seeing and reading this post makes me want to buy my materials again and relive the feeling or even improve the talent. Maybe I'll get to make a lot of products out of yarn. This is also a great way to use time wisely and exhale stress. If I'm only in Manila, I would've joined this workshop. :(

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Aw super sayang! We could do crafts when you visit Manila!! Hehehe. Crochet's my destresser talaga, it works 100% of the time~

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