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Friday, April 8, 2016

SAMIN: Showcasing Filipino Art and Fashion

Last Tuesday, my org, the UP Association of Clothing Technology Students (ACTS), launched SAMIN: a multimedia exhibit parading Filipino music, art, and fashion. 

SAMIN was created with the question in mind, “What is Filipino fashion?” in recognition of the lack of a definitive identity. Samin in Cebuano means, “mirror” and is also meant to be a play on the words, “sa” + “amin”. A portion of this exhibit is also dedicated to featuring submitted artworks from local artists.

Clothing Technology Atelier

Various garments created by the UP Clothing Technology students were showcased. Can I just say they're all beautiful, wonderful, and magical?

Photographs of Philippine street fashion

(Some of the photos I took are displayed here!)

Different works from various UP Diliman students are showcased at the Bulwagan ng Dangal – from traditional hand-painted portraits to photographed landscapes. Every piece has its own story to tell, and you could see that the artists really exerted a lot on each work.

UP ACTS also set up an installation of mirrors of different shapes and sizes. The story behind it is engaging, to be honest. This piece is about perception of Filipino fashion and style, and how you identify yourself through different lenses.

Alongside the wonderful works of art and fashion, the launch night featured performers: CRWN, No Rome, The After-School Club Special, and UP Diliman's Kontra-Gapi. (I didn't see CRWN and No Rome perform though. I had to go home earlier than expected, haha.)


The After-School Club Special

The launch night was also co-presented by Smirnoff!

Going to museums and exhibits really broaden my appreciation for different forms of art. One could get inspired, then maybe start creating her own works. SAMIN is definitely a must-see (not saying it just because I belong to the org), you should drop by!

The exhibit will run until April 12, 2016 at the Bulwagan ng Dangal, UP Diliman. Admission is free! 

Here's to discovering and appreciating Filipino art and fashion.

For more details, you may visit SAMIN's Facebook page.


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