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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Powder Skies

The family went to TAGaytay for a weekend trip, and I TAGged along since I needed photos for my photography class. Hmm, win-win? (10/10 for the funny joke)

The view was incredible, the weather was cooler, the place was more peaceful. I really wish we stayed a bit longer... but I had to go back to reality (aka school) the next Monday.

I also got to layer clothes and wear a jacket after a long time. It was great. Iya and I also had a couple of photoshoots (as usual), which were also great. 

*inserts awkward laughing photo*

DRESS thrifted, JACKET vintage Bison Classic


SANDALS thrifted

The number of thrift clothes I own outnumber my not thrifted ones, really. Thrifting is fun (especially on sales). ((What an irrelevant caption, Ida.))

Photos (of me) by Iya Siasoco

Here's a photo of Iya aka the soft tofu photographer who tolerates my weirdness~ 

The semester's almost done and we can finally breathe! How's "summer"?

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