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Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Trip to the National Museum

My friends and I went on an adventure to the National Museum of the Philippines one holiday, and it was quite an experience.

I don't go to museums that much ('cause I don't go out at all, haha), considering I'm an art student... though I'm trying to explore around now and it has been great so far. 

I went with friends Louise, George, Nina, and Fritz last Wednesday (it was a holiday) via bus. We got to the Museum of the Filipino People, realized a lot of people wanted to go too, went around, got hungry, walked to Jollibee, then went back to UP.

Here are some of the photos I took:

George, Louise, Fritz, and Nina / Garing: The Philippines at the Crossroads of Ivory Trade
((Ivory Common... *coughs*))

 Ahrt shot ft. Nina

 Are you a china? 'Cause you're so fine..... *cricket sounds* (someone stop the kid!!!! !! !)

National Museum ft. Kean Mendez (hahahahaha)

 I spy a George.

((wasn't me))

I loved the weaving sections and the ones with textiles and garments (of course).

*inserts irrelevant but cool photo cause dat lighting*

The following photos are taken by Louise Tan.

24/7 stank face.

Where do we go next? I would love to have more adventures, if I don't get lazy and plans actually push through... lol. Hooray for traveling and getting out of bed!!

PS: The comment section feels cold and lonely. :----( Feel free to comment a nice museum/gallery/exhibit/place I could go to!


  1. Idol ko po kayo how to be u huhuhu

    1. Hello! Thank you pero huhu

      - Wear black
      - Get yarn (lots of them)
      - Crochet

      Done hahahahhaha


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