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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The List: 10 Things To Do Before 30

I was never the type to have a bucket list. I only have general end goals and I'd just flow along the waves, not having this detailed list on how to get there. I know, it's weird and slightly irresponsible. But recently, I thought maybe my life could finally use a bit of organizing.

I'm not getting any younger and reality faces me, giving slaps and all. I'm turning 20 in two months, still lost and confused like almost everyone else; maybe setting more realistic and more attainable goals would make life less complicated. At what point does one figure everything out anyway? Who even has it all figured out at the moment? If you know someone, please tell me... I would like to have a word with them.....

My take on the whole bucket list thing may not be as detailed as the ones I've seen and read, but it's the best I can come up with as of the moment. And since I know a lot of things will change in a span of 10 years, here's 19 year-old Ida's "10 Things To Do Before 30"!

#10 Make a huge crochet project

I've been dying to make something big out of yarn, like a blanket or that mermaid tail everyone's been buzzing about. Maybe I could finish one before I turn 30...? It would take a long time, I'm sure. But that would mean a big ass check off this list.

#9 Get a pet

Growing up, we didn't really cuddle pets so I don't know how it feels to hug a fluffy one. We did have a house dog and a hamster before but I cuddled none of them. I'm eyeing a fluffy cat or a little dog that stays cute and tiny... hmm, someday.

#8 Finish a marathon

My perfect day would be lying on the couch and crocheting while watching movies. I don't like going out and doing physical activities but I've been attending PE classes (volleyball and camping), jogging once in a while, and it feels kinda nice (NAKS SPORTY). I'm not into the repetitiveness of running around though. I find it boring and uneventful, but finishing a marathon would be somehow fulfilling.

#7 Volunteer & donate to charity

Ever since I got to experience our outreaches and immersions in high school, I knew that this is one thing I enjoy – reaching out and helping people. I don't know if it will sound surprising and unimaginable, but I would want to do those again. I just don't know how to fit it in my I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-with-my-life-what-even-is-a-schedule schedule. But hey if you want to do it, you'll give time for it, right?

#6 Have a cross-country road trip with friends

Another thing that might surprise most of the people I know is that I like to go out (most of the time alone). But not go out as in eat out, hang out in the mall, drink and chat, etc. I like travelling to places and seeing new scenes. My friends and I have been planning to have a road trip to different places around the Philippines and hopefully soon, all plans will push through. Maybe start with the nearer places first, like Laguna? Tagaytay? But my ideal road trip is heading to Ilocos, Baguio, Sagada, Banaue, Benguet, mostly places up north.

#5 Unplug & retreat for at least 2 weeks

I honestly think my millennial self could use a bit of unplugging. I've always wanted to have a retreat for one whole month but with this kind of work load, I think it's very close to impossible (especially that I'm taking classes even during our "vacation"). 

The ideal unplugging/retreat: no gadgets, no technology-related things, simple and natural, getting closer to nature and to God, reflecting on life, lots of reading and writing, maybe endless days of crochet, isolation. We all need some time away from the world.

#4 Save dem cash money

Now this is where things get a little blurry. In order to attain most (of my) goals, the cha-chings are of huge help. I'm familiar with investing in the stock market and was advised to do so, but Ida is stubborn and lazy. I tend to overspend which makes life extra miserable, but I think I'm improving by the day.

I found out about Personal Capital, a free financial software, and was so amazed that you can do a lot of financing and managing in one place! With just a few clicks, you can start calculating your net worth, manage investments, set budgets, etc. As I've mentioned earlier, I learned about investing a few years back but have had no chances of actually trying it. I guess now that I'm on the doorstep of actual 'adulthood', I could start now and everything might just fall into place in the future.

#3 Own a car and a house

I don't know how to drive a car yet, and my room is a mess... I need more time, haha. Someday though, I will have to be a very independent woman. (Right now, I'm just a slightly independent woman.) 

#2 Travel alone to a completely new place

As I've said, I like travelling alone. I wouldn't be needing too much explaining here but I'm not much of a planner, so just letting go and allowing yourself to ~get lost~ sounds like a 10/10 adventure to me.

#1 Do something that scares you

Lastly, we all know that in life, you just really got to take a big jump. I'm scared of a lot of things that may come my way and I think overcoming something that scares me would move me up to a higher level on the staircase. It would be fulfilling to say that you conquered something that you were afraid of before. This might need some time, but we'll get there.

What do you want to do before you turn 30? 40? 50? Comment down below!



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