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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

Despite the extreme heat, Filipinos find countless ways to enjoy summertime. For university students like me, whose academic year includes the months of March to May, a summer day is just another humid day but that doesn't stop us from looking our best.

I never really go with the "typical summer outfits" that are flowy and bright-colored so I went with a cool and grungy look today. I think summer outfits don't necessarily have to be the presko type so here's my take on summer street style~

SHIRT H&M | SHORTS Levi's | JACKET thrifted | CHOKER gifted

Summer is a great time to take good photos of yourself – may it be alone, with family, or with friends. When my family and I travel, I make it a point to capture my memories with my camera but bringing a huge camera wherever I go is a total inconvenience. What's better than a compact device that takes great selfies, captures your best looks, and highlights the incredible view? Good thing OPPO has a solution to the problem of many bloggers, photographers, and photography enthusiasts.

The OPPO F1s is a smartphone and a "selfie expert" in one. With its great features, it enhances your best features as well. A lot of smartphones work great in daylight and with proper lighting but OPPO F1s' 16MP front camera works as great in nighttime and in low light! It has Beautify 4.0 (a feature that captures beautiful and natural-looking shots), a variety of filters to choose from, and it gives you to option to watermark your photos.

What's so interesting about the F1s is its selfie panorama feature which prevents the cropped selfie from happening. I find it really amusing that just by panning your phone, you get to capture everybody's smiles in a selfie. How cool is that? Though the F1s is named a "selfie expert", its 13MP rear camera works great with night shots as well, capturing remarkably sharp and detailed photos. That would honestly work for night travelling and road trips with people you enjoy spending time with. All these features are compressed on a 5.5 inch screen!

But!! OPPO F1s' camera is not the only great thing about it. This smart phone also allows you to access your phone with a single touch with its fingerprint identification feature. With its 3GB RAM, a blogger and an active social media user like me would be sooo eager to multitask on the phone! It's a dual sim phone with expandable memory up to 128GB to really fit the needs of busy guys and girls, as well as artists and art enthusiasts.

The OPPO F1s is the best camera phone to use in taking your OOTDs especially this summer since it features its best qualities and it's a smart phone that's faster, steadier, and better.

Tell me your go-to summer getaway and fashion staples in the comments below!!

Photos by Skye Blas

Keep creating,

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