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Monday, June 26, 2017

Kulot and Proud: 8 Tips for Curly Hair (VIDEO)

Congratulations for embracing your curly hair! Welcome to the club of the kulots, The Kulot Club™ (not really a thing, but she's pushing it)!

Before I start with the tip-giving, it's best to know your hair type (i.e., big wavy curls, extra frizzy hair, stubborn hair, small curls like telephone wires, etc.) Your hair treatment will vary based on your hair type. It's always best to research, research, research. There are a lot of curly-hair friendly blogs out there! Please also note that the tips I will give are not standard, nor will it be applicable to all. It is solely based on my experience.



(This is for those who did not notice/witness this while I grew up.)

I’ve only embraced my natural hair on August 14, 2015.

At the age of 11, my hair was rebonded every 6 months for more or less than 7 years. (On and off, having breaks once in a while, i.e., perming in Grade 5 and in Freshman year in high school). I had this mindset that when I cut my hair short, it would blow up and look like a lion's mane so I never did.

When I got to 4th year HS, I finally had my hair cut short but took a break from having it straightened. I was so frustrated about getting up in the morning an hour earlier than usual just to iron my hair for school. 

After that, I had it semi-permanently rebonded (it's called relaxed, right?) again to get extra sleep time. So I entered college having unnaturally straightened hair.

NOTE: This post does not shame any hair type. I have nothing against having hair rebonded/relaxed/permed/digitally permed/unnaturally styled. I just don’t prefer it on my hair anymore. ;-) END NOTE. 

After some time, I got tired of having to stress about my hair only to find out how much more stressful (but interesting) it is to manage its natural state. 

To celebrate this wonderful kulot journey, I have prepared a video alongside a detailed blogpost! Here are some of the hair tips I’ve gathered:

1.  Avoid sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS)! THEY'RE TOXIC!

This is a basic rule that I've known since 2010 but failed to practice until recently.

Your hair products have this thing called list of ingredients. It’s put there for a reason and most people fail to read it and understand what’s in their products and what they’re putting on their bodies. Sulfates help the product lather or foam up. It's found in most shampoo AND HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS. It strips off your hair's essential oils, does a long-term damage to your hair, and may cause diseases.

Sulfate-free shampoos let curls stay curlier and let color-treated hair stay colored. They're more expensive but they're less damaging to you, your hair, and your body.


Throughout your journey with me and your kulot hair, you will encounter a lot of best friends. Conditioner is one of them.

Shampoo every other day or every two days, then condition everyday. For extra dry hair like mine, skip shampoo (try once a week) and just wash with conditioner.

Shampoo cleans your hair, yes, but it can also dry it out and strip off your hair oils.

I've recently discovered the great invention of man that is the CLEANSING CONDITIONER or the CO-WASH. "Co-wash" is short for conditioner wash. It's cleansing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. Curly-haired friends also use the term "no-poo" for no shampoo. You could purchase one or DIY by mixing small amount of non-sulfate shampoo with a lot of conditioner.

Note: Leaving some conditioner in your hair after showering or overnight might be okay. It serves as a leave-on.


Renpure Coconut Créme Cowash Cleansing Conditioner
– smells like: coconut, enough said 15/10
– claims to soften and moisturize hair
– kind of drying my hair instead
– not completely holy grail but it's the only one I have so far
– recommended for you to try, it might be okay for you!

Kulot MNL, PHP699.00

I'm planning on getting the As I Am co-wash after I finish the one I have.



See exhibits below.

Curly hair is also best styled when wet.


When detangling, untangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. NEVER A NORMAL COMB NOR A BRUSH. It has to be wet (refer to tip no. 3) and detangle it from the bottom up (tips towards the roots)


Don’t rub your hair, just pat. If you can, use a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt to dampen your hair. It's a method called "plopping". Plopping is a no-heat method of drying.

Step 1: Apply products to damp hair
Step 2: Detangle hair
Step 3: PLOP

To plop, simply lay your cotton shirt on a flat surface, scrunch your hair down on the cotton shirt and tie it on like a turban.


Aquazorb Hair Drying Turban
– microfiber towel
– dedicated to hair drying
– easy to use
– soft on hair
– pink
– recommended!!!!! 10/10

Aquazorb, PHP300.00


It’s hard to find the perfect hair products for your hair. I had to try a lot, fail, and accept that it was a bad hair day.



Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil
– hair oil
– leaves hair shiny and moisturized
– soft on hair
– smells like: a cosmetics, body care store 9/10
– shine level: 9/10
– finish: light, smooth, shiny 9/10
– good for: applying BEFORE curling product, leaving on hair overnight
– not for: curling

Watsons, not sure of price (can't find it online)

Hair Treats Hair Coat (Royal Jelly)
– hair serum
– leaves hair shiny and moisturized
– soft on hair
– smells like: honey on a fresh morning 9/10
– shine level: 9/10
– finish: thicker, leaves a slightly stiffer finish, still shiny 8/10
– good for: applying AFTER curling product, applying on it's own when you're not letting your hair down
– not for: curling

Watsons, PHP199.00 (Buy 1 Get 1 Promo)*

*Price not updated. Reference post was posted 3 years ago.


Monea Salon Professional Series Curl Defining Milk
– hair lotion
– smells like: a massage spa, and generic body lotion 7/10
– curling level: 6/10
– holding power: 5/10
– finish: light, soft, smooth 8/10; slightly sticky
– good for: everyday use, letting your hair flow freely
– not for: holding up curls for a long time

Watsons/Landmark, PHP99.00

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse
– hair mousse
– smells like: the beach in the morning, flowers, and good-smelling hair spray 8/10
– curling level: 8/10
– holding power: 6/10
– finish: light, soft, smooth 9/10
– good for: everyday use, letting you hair flow freely, a summer look
– not for: holding up curls for a long time

Landmark, PHP289.00*; SM Supermarket, PHP299.00*; Lazada, PHP329.00

*Price is not updated. Reference post was posted 4 years ago.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste
– hair paste
– minus points for container, I don't enjoy the jar type :-(
– smells like: blueberry jam smothered on a very good cheesecake 11/10
– curling level: 9/10
– holding power: 10/10
– finish: slightly dry, chunky, stiff, sticky 7/10
– good for: holding up curls for a long time, extreme styling, soft but extreme hold
– not for: everyday use, those who don't like sticky products

Kulot MNL, PHP699.00

TRESemmé Climate Protection Mousse
– hair mousse
– doesn't specifically say it's for curly hair
– plus points for climate protection ("helps keep out humidity, static, UV rays, and wind")
– smells like: a freshly-cleaned hotel room, a new pillow, and good-smelling shampoo 9/10
– curling level: 10/10
– holding power: 9/10
– finish: light, chunky, slightly stiff 8/10 (but that only means my curls are still intact)
– good for: outdoors, commuting, possible everyday use if you're into that, holding up curls for a long time
– not for: those who want a soft-curl finish

Kulot MNL, PHP599.00 

Dove Hair Therapy Style + Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse
– hair mousse
– whipped cream!!!!
– HOLY GRAIL aka BEST MOUSSE FOR ME. Does the job, very affordable. 10/10
– smells like: vanilla ice cream in a coffee shop, sweet pink clouds 9/10
– curling level: 10/10
– holding power: 9.5/10
– finish: light, chunky, softer than TRESemmé, but stickier 8/10
– good for: indoors, outdoors, commuting, riding a car, everyday use, holding up curls for a long time, whipping your hair in front of the person you like, softer but bigger and curlier
– not for: NA. This product is for everyone, anywhere, any time!

Lazada, PHP227.80; BeautyMNL, PHP285.00**

**Price on physical stores to be updated.

How I use these products:
After showering, I dampen my hair. I apply hair oil right after, then let it sit for a while then continue with my chosen curling product. I style my hair while wet because it works better that way. I then continue my getting ready routine, letting my hair air-dry.


Your second best friend is hair oil. I use argan oil but I read somewhere that it’s best to use coconut oil. Argan oil and coconut oil are actually good not only for your hair but also your skin! Argan oil

Like I've mentioned earlier, I apply oil before applying styling products. Applying hair oil hours before showering also serves as a deep conditioner. You could also leave oil on hair overnight for extra moisture, then wash it in the morning.

More info about argan oil: here.
More info about coconut oil: here and here.


One of the things I've learned throughout this journey is that touching is a no-no. Touching or playing with your hair within the day could ruin your curls and how it looks like. It’s best to let it be, let it flow as it is. I commute on a daily basis so this one is a tough challenge.

– Tie your hair LOOSELY then remove right after the ride. If you have a hair clamp, better. Ponytails mess with curls too much.
– Never touch it again after (unless necessary).
– Don't let anyone touch it either (unless necessary).

So those are the 8 tips I have for kulots! Please note that these tips are based on my expe
riences and these may or may not apply to you.

If you have any more questions, comment below or reach me at my social media accounts @idasiasoco!

Keep creating, 

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